iVEZT is dedicated to helping working
Americans save for a better retirement.


Saving for retirement should be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

iVEZT created the EZ IRA for business owners to offer their employees a hassle free savings plan. The EZ IRA allows employees to enroll online and fund their account through payroll deduction.

Today's solution for tomorrow's retirees.

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Did you know...
of Americans are without access to an employer savings plan, which is over 40,000,000 employees
of Americans are concerned they won’t have enough money saved for a comfortable retirement
of Americans report their savings are less than $25,000 and 36% have indicated $0
of Americans aged 30-64 years old won't have enough for retirement and it is now a top financial priority.

The EZ IRA is a cost-effective and seamless way for employees to achieve their financial goals through automatic payroll deduction.


Experts are on your side

Receive the right advice through our extensive network of professional financial advisors


State-of-the-art Payroll Providers

We have integrated with many leading payroll providers.


We have experienced partners

Our financial partner, Legg Mason, manages over $750 billion in global assets

How Does the EZ IRA Work?


The employer signs up to offer
EZ IRA to their employees.


The employee and the financial advisor determine financial goals.


The employer transfers funds through payroll deduction.

The EZ IRA - a simple solution for a lifetime of savings


  • Simple online registration
  • Integrated with several payroll platforms
  • No employer contributions required
  • Provide savings opportunity to employees
  • No IRS filings
  • No 5500 testing requirements
  • No fiduciary liability
  • Available to all size businesses

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  • Simple and secure enrollment
  • 24/7 access to statements and reports
  • Assign professional advisor
  • Leading investments options
  • Simple and flexible contributions
  • Prior rollover plan acceptance
  • Stays with you if you change employment
  • Deduct money from your paycheck

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